1. How do I make a booking for sea freight?
    1. Visit our website at http://jasbahlogistic.com/ebooking/
    2. Fill up the details and submit
  2. How to register?
    1. Registration are for drivers who want to join our delivery fleets
    2. Drivers can register at the bottom of the page or http://jasbahlogistic.com/register/
    3. Customer can register when they go through courier system and order a delivery and they could register during checkout
  3. How if we want to track the booking?
    1. Click http://jasbahlogistic.com/courier-tracking/ and fill in the booking number
  4. What types of services does Jasbah Logistic provides?
    1. Jasbah Logistic provides a number of transport services, sea freight, air freight & courier express.
    2. Please refer Jasbah Logistic websites.
  5. Where can I find prices for your services?
    1. Instant quote can be obtained through our web courier service or direct contact our customer service and we will be gladly to help.
  6. How do I change or cancel a booking request
    1. To change or cancel your booking please contact us through email or call us directly.
  7. What package should I use for my parcel?
    1. Packaging material self – sealing plastic sachet to carton boxes & bottle packaging
    2. The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation.
  8. Does Jasbah provides packaging?
    1. No, we do not provide any service for packaging.
  9. Do I still need to complete a consignment note for online booking?
    1. No, if you make booking online, the booking order will be your consignment note.
  10. How do I pay?
    1. You have to bank in manually
      1. Bank: Maybank
      2. Account Name: Jasbah Logistic and Services Sdn Bhd
  • Account Number: 562834637246
  1. Please email the slips to delivery@jasbahlogistic.com
  1. Do I need an Account before I Book?
    1. No need, you do not need to have an account for instant quote
    2. During checkout, you could register an account or checkout as guest
  2. How do I book an Order?
    1. Go to http://jasbahlogistic.com/courier-express/
    2. Select Pick up address and Destination
    3. Select mode of vehicles which are suitable for your parcel
    4. Click Check Price
    5. Book Now and you will redirect to check out page.
    6. Fill up details, including the packaging details (with picture attachment)
    7. Click Send
  3. How do the drivers / dispatch need to make a claim?
    1. You could go to http://jasbahlogistic.com/claim-form/
    2. Fill up the details and we will notify you shortly